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Well they all say that writing a blog helps you reach more people out in the big wide world of the internet .

Please note .... I am not a writer , I am a sewer ( not a sewer eewww stinky a SEW er ) Maybe I will just use the word SEWIST instead , sounds so much better don't you think ?

Well it  is Valentines day today and what a apt day to write my first blog post about something I love very much . 

I started sewing around 5/6 so I am told by my mother . Those darn Barbies needed clothes ! I still to this day have some of those clothes and barbies to pass to my beautiful grandchildren .


So you will see maybe a few , ok a lot of posts involving my awesome grandchildren , besides my children they are my life and joy . 

I have come a very long way in my sewing , all self taught and way before you tube and the internet . Before overlockers even !! 

Oh how terrible does a zigzag stitch look now on the inside seams of garments .

What else do you need to know ? 

I am a janome girl ,  love janome machines but have sewn on others . 

I work part time/casual at a large supermarket . 

I love markets , the friendships you make , the customers you meet especially when they return . 

I love photography but need to learn how to use my DSLR better and get it off the auto setting . Anyone photographers out there wish to give me lessons in swap for some children's clothing ? 

I love FABRIC , I love the smell , I love the feel , I love the range , just everything about fabric .

I am a early riser and early to bed. Love first thing in the morning the sun rising , the birds singing , no traffic noise . 

I grew up in a small town of 300 people .

I drink tea NOT coffee , I don't drink wine in fact I rarely drink alcohol . I do not smoke (oh I sound boring but far from boring ) 

I have been a single mum for over 16 years and have 4 amazing adult children plus 4 amazing grandchildren (well almost , grandchild 4 is due in 7 weeks ) 

We are very family orientated and do almost everything together . A very strong family unit that has been through the usual ups and downs and I am sure there will be many more. 

What will this blog be about ? 

Well sewing of course with bits and pieces of every thing else in and around my life . 

How often will I blog ? 

When the mood takes me but at least once a week (fingers crossed ) 

 That will do for now until I do some more research on what to write in your blog posts , who am I kidding ? I will research doesn't mean I follow instructions , I am not very good at that !! 

May you all have a wonderful day .

Jo Jo 

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